I asked a few friends…

“If someone asked you this question, what is the first thing that pops into your head?”


These are just a few responses I received…

  • Bug eyes
  • ParaShoot
  • Protector
  • Support
  • Boobs
  • Two Peaches
  • The letter W (this friend is a total weirdo my response to her was just WTF)

That was super amusing to me LOL

The reason I asked this question is because everyone has different opinions on what they resemble. The BRA was originally invented as a way to “emphasize a females assets.” Yep that was back in the olden days. That hasn’t really changed though. A female can be wearing a BRA for many different reasons such as because society makes us, because she wants to hold them up, because she wants to feel “sexy,” because they are pretty and it makes them feel good, oh and my reason is because I am scared if I let them hang low now, they will be dropping it like its hot when I am old and wrinkly.

Lately I have had a tiff about Brassieres and that is because…

#1 they cost to much and #2 they aren’t comfy

So my way of avoiding these two problems was purchasing a cheap ($15) and not sexy bra from Walmart. I was doing great, just killing it ya know. I was still getting that little cleavage because well these bras have no support so my titties were popping out to say hello to everyone! Well I guess 2019 is the year that I am putting a stop to the cheap ass bra purchasing. Karma is a bitch, because well I BROKE TWO BRAS IN TWO WEEKS!!

I wasn’t at home, I wasn’t at the gym or out partying going crazy…I was at work wearing a business casual (tight white shirt) outfit and as I reached across the table to turn the projector on for our meeting….SNAPPPPPPP!!! MY FUCKING BRA BROKE and I am not talking strap breaking or clasp coming undone I am talking underwire come stabbing into my chest! Honestly I was concerned that I was about to be taken a trip to the emergency room because a friggen bra underwire stabbed my heart and just rips my chest open, but oh wait thats what guys do to me. That was totally unnecessary haha. Okay I am dramatic I know, but it hurt like a bitch. I had to act all cool and sit the whole day through this meeting with a stabbing pain in my chest.

There was a second incident a week later and this time I was out shopping and I think it was a sign because I was right next-door to Vickies Secret. So I go in there and drop about $150 on uncomfortable, sexy looking bras that I will now wear and hopefully they will adjust to this hot bod or even attract a hot man!!

Alright people I will be back soon to give you some more details on my life.


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